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Hi everyone, 09 My 335D with 76,000km just had the recall work done which my dealership thought was the reason my car was stalling.(was sent back to them on a flat deck) I was told the faults cleared off after they changed out the parts and reflashed. A large section of the exhaust system was changed out and I was shown on the service writers computer what the new the urea mixer looked like in comparison to the old. The new design has a less restrictive fan/turbine vrs the much tighter oem fan .

I was only able to drive my car approx 35 miles traveling though Calgary and south on why 2 when it stalled out again and left me a second time stranded road side (yeah, wonderful, yet another trip on a flat deck back to the dealer). I gotta say though that BMW road side assistance is top notch and if this keeps up I may just end up asking the gal that keeps rescuing me out on a date! Apparently this recall work wasn't the issue with my car! ,But what I can say from the short time I drove it, was that my car felt like it pulled substantially harder off the line even with moderate throttle. I never floored it, but with even half throttle it felt much meatier and torquier than it did previously. I liked it! well, er up until blaaaaahhhh _______"