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Originally Posted by smallseafishie View Post
As far as possibilities of issues...

Could be the switch panel (can be ruled out if the remote fob doesn't work).
Remote fob works.
Could be the window regulator motor itself (dirty motor brushes). -assuming only one window doesn't work...
None of the windows work from the master switch, also the mirrors don't work and the windows lock switch doesn't work. All other windows work from their own door switches.
And then there's the umbrella issue of having a flaky connection in a wiring harness or solder joint in related circuits.
Not sure what to do here.
Do you not know anyone else with a similar car? It's easy enough to pop the switch panel off and try. Or ebay a used one.
I guess it's a good start. It's says 06/07/08. I have 09, is it the same switch?

Thank you.