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Got a response from BT this morning and they basically said there is no updated driver and they do not plan to provide one anytime soon. Apparently their cable only works on older computers that do no support USB 3.0.

IMO, that is crap and shows that they either don't have the knowledge to address the problem or they just don't care. Based on other issues that I've heard with their cable, I;m leaning towards they just don't care. Unfortunately, this was the only solution that I knew of to perform diagnostics on this car and now I'm still stuck with trying to register my new battery.

Does anyone know of any other diagnostic tools that will work on a computer with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports? I already asked Ross-Tech awhile ago if they would be doing something that supports our cars but they are choosing to concentrate on the Audi/VW market.
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