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I posted this over at DIYMA, but wanted to add this as well. So after a marathon weekend of 36 hours on the car, I have my MS-8-based system installed. Here's the rundown:

2010 BMW 535i with the Hi-Fi stereo option
Technic harness provides full range RCA outputs from iDrive
JL 600/4 + 900/5 provides 150 x 5 +100 x 2 + 500 x 1
Morel Hybrid Ovation 4s in the doors (passive)
Morel Integra Ovation 4 in the center channel spot (passive)
Jenhert XE200s (8") under the seats
Morel Tempo 4" co-ax in the rear (passive)
JL Stealthbox (12w6)

Right now it's setup like this:
Sub - 80 Hz
Front - 2 way - 200 Hz
Center - 1 way - 200 Hz
Rears - 100 Hz
No sides - everything at 24db/octave slopes

Like most BMWs, the midbass is currently non-existent and the sub is too loud. As a result, it sounds really "honky" and "nasal." I started with all of the gains pegged to the lowest level on the amps. I upped the midbass amp gain post-calibration and things got a little better, but the front stage is not all that defined - it's a little smeared. Perhaps I should cover the tweeters during the first set of sweeps and see if that helps things out. I'm also going to raise the subwoofer gain and see if that will help the MS-8 boost the midbass.

Looks like I have lots of experimenting to do, but so far so good. Unfortunately, I have a slight hint of alternator whine as well