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Originally Posted by Technic View Post

- Skip input setup
- Front 2-way at 150Hz at 12db
- Center and rear at 150Hz at 24dB
- Calibrate at 35dB with all amp gains at minimum. Go all the way to 40dB if you have to. However, the nicer it will sound the more Bluetooth echo you will have.
- After calibration, set mid channels gain to 12 o'clock or mid point. That should give you the midbass back; go to the 31-band EQ and adjust those bands only if you still want a little more.
- The sub should sound good with these settings, however bumping the sub level will bump the midbass as well.
I'm assuming you mean midbass gains? I'll give this a shot tonight.

- Change your ground to the OEM point close to the OEM amp if you have not done so. That whine is the ground being loose or weak.
The amps and processor are grounded to the factory battery ground in the trunk using 0/1 ga wire. It then travels to a distribution block where I go 4 ga to the amps and 8 ga to the processor. Are you suggesting that I connect the ground distribution block to the factory amplifier ground on the driver's side of the car? I guess I can throw a 4ga wire between the two and see what happens.

Having that stealthbox means the whole thing has to come out though - bummer.