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Originally Posted by pinky_and_me View Post
I use an older laptop myself but I have not seen anybody complain about blue screen issues and I doubt everyone on this forum uses old laptops.
And those cables use some pretty generic drivers that probably come with windows 7 already.
Isn't there some indy BMW show around there, they would have the tools necessary to register a battery.
According to BT, its a known and common problem with any computer having USB 3.0 ports. I'm not going to question them on how common it is but if it is as common as they say, I think its pretty crappy that they are not even attempting to address it.

I'm sure there are indy shops around that can do the registration but the whole point was for me to get something I can use for diagnostics later. As you can see with the other devices I own, I like to do my own work rather than having to depend on someone else.
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