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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
Well like I said before, I think you will be limited with the enclosure size by the physical space available in the corner of the trunk. If you try to squeeze a 12W6 into a smaller size enclosure than it was designed for, it'll have a very peaky response and not much authority on the low end, but a 10W6 in the right enclosure will dig pretty deep and have a much smoother response. My gut would tell me to use a 12W6 if you can get 1 cu ft or more, and use the 10W6 if it is less than 1 cu ft.
ok that makes sense. i definately want to try and get close to optimum volume recommended.

i want to make my own fiberglass/mdf corner enclosure, so what would u guys say is the best way of measuring up the dimensions for the enclosure? if it was a straight forward box it would be pretty simple, but the trunk corner has various countours which makes it more complex to calculate and measure 1.35 cu ft