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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Relax folks.

As the post says, this is just a concept that was brought out by this automotive supplier company for demo purposes at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show. This doesn't show what BMW's implementation, software, interface, nor performance will be like. It was posted just to show what kind of use a touchpad idrive knob could be used for.
As an investor (many of us at BimmerPost are BMW AG affiliated), the point you make about suppliers rings true, Jason.

Suppliers pitch their products just like any other company and BMW's suppliers do the same. But, as many US auto companys will attest to, can the supplier supply a product which won't drag down the interior quality of the car with cheap/hard to use technology that merely distracts the driver as opposed to assissting him? Technology for technology's sake is bad. But, if BMW can find a way to implement it with a minimal learning curve and (iPhone) familiar touch screen technology I don't see anything wrong with my favorite Bavarians ushering in the "next best thing" in car interiors. Hell, afterall....I own Bavarian Motor Werken stock. I invested in their carbon fiber aquisition and I will continue to follow BMW on their upward trend. In fact, I've already paid for my next F32 (4)335i with my foresight in BMW.
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