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Thanks! I found that pass through in the ECU box... wow that was really easy! I come from 90's era turbocharged cars and was prepared to poke grommets, etc, that was a nice surprise.

At the moment I have the BMS intake and the latest Vangaurd exhaust, otherwise stock. I have abundant 93 octane gas and also E85. I was running an E85 mix without issue prior to the Procede and buying the Procede was primarily to get the most out of the E85 mix I was using. I figured I should take baby steps though and this first tank is pure 93 octane.

No where in the N55 instructions does it tell you where to get the software for the laptop... didn't even come in the box.. that seems like a very basic oversight.

I downloaded the PROcede User Tuning Interface v5.31 from the Procedtuning website. Is this the right software? I thought that software was for people who want to edit/write their own maps...