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Unleashing 325 power.......joking (sort of)

So I recently purchased a 2006 325xi SGM e90. Only has 25k miles and is brand new in look/feel. I'm loving it so far. The only reason I opted for the 325 was because of the low mileage -- I was really looking for a 330xi but couldn't find one in decent condition/mileage.

ANYWAY, from what I've gathered, the e90 325 vs 330 is really only a difference of a couple parts, and a simple software/detune that BMW enabled so they could sell 2 models with the same engine.

Believe me, I've ed, but when I do all I find are e46 comparisons.

The 330 pushes out 255hp, which isn't earth shattering, but if it's just a matter of a simple software upgrade to unleash those additional 40hp, well I want in!

Is there anyone that can give me information as to what are the parts difference between these two models, how difficult this would be, and how expensive?