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Wow its not as simple as i thought But im sure i will enjoy trying to make this!

I'm no fiberglass expert so there are a few things i didnt understand:

Originally Posted by superjay View Post
use as much space as possible, meaning glass to every contour on the side of the trunk. However, you'll also want to use as much MDF as possible, since it is going to be stronger than the glass.
My understanding is that glass or glass matte is basically fiberglass resin and fiberglass cloths/mats which are just applied in layers (a bit like the link i posted earlier to a different DIY thread)

Once you have your back, then stretch fleece, or speaker grill cloth (I prefer fleece, since it gives you a stronger base)
By back, you mean the fiberglass shape thats just been made (i.e the preliminary shape behind the mdf baffle?) Whats the fleece for? and where do i strech it to? This fleece step was missed out on that DIY thread so i can't picture it (by the way i was planning to have an mdf base as well as the baffle)

then back fill with layer upon layer of glass matte.
Im assuming that this is just applying fiberglass resin with fiberglass cloths/mats in layers from the inside

Then make a mixture of kitty hair (bondo, laminating resin, hardener and chopped matte) and flow the inside of the box with it. This will assure a completely covered interior giving you a better seal, and thicker walls. You will need to strengthen from the inside rather than the outside, since you don't want to change the shape of the outside of the enclosure.

Understood that Can i use any glassfibre filler or is kitty hair, like this: an absolute must? Id like to get something pre mixed, as i dont trust myself mixing various chemicals

At this point you will measure internal displacement.

So what im thinking is to initially measure slightly more than optimum, so i can hopefully get close to the optimum after strengthening