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Originally Posted by HPF 335i #1 View Post
Yeah, the first night i got it it was a bit scary. a lot different then going from 300 WHP to 500 then 60 WHP to 500... lol.

As far as i know, Dynos are very few and far between in my current area. I will be going to a max power testing in a few weeks after my trip to MI, unless i stop in a place while i am there.

I believe you are correct that HPF didn't test/video as much as Shiv but the car runs fine. Its fast, but probably not as fast as Shiv's cars right now. Im currently still on manual boost control and running a low boost setting of 15 PSI. but honestly, i just smoked the tires at 65 mph. its got power.

at about 15% throttle in 2nd the rear end is kicking out.... Ill be on high boost here shortly.
Dyno day coming up soon close by you, $30 a pull I think. If we ever meet up I've got a vbox so you could pull numbers to compare to Shiv's car