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The Orange - Red Beast all Wrapped Up! (Shout-out to Members / Vendors as well)

Finally got around to getting the car where I want for now till the next batch of mods come in the mail in a few weeks. Before I show the pictures, I want to thank the following vendors, shops, and members for the awesome help they have offered to get my car up and running

FlyLow335i – Thanks a lot for helping on getting my situation with the coil-overs situated. Went out of his way to figure out what the issue I was having on the coil-overs once install was done. Great asset to the community.

Tiago@VRSF – The amazing downpipes for the great price and also the future mods that are coming, will not have a doubt for a second of the quality of those products and performance (anxiously waiting). Great customer service and also always there to help answer questions! Tiago and I have had a few discussions about mods and car stuff. He definitely knows what he and his team are doing. So I would without a doubt put any of VRSF part’s in my car and not worry about anything afterwards.

Jeff@TopGearSolutions – A little late for this but bought my first mod from him, my COBB, and let me say probably one of the best mod’s I have ever made and offered the most competitive price around for it at the time.
Jose@SonicTuning – Great customer service, bugged him enough while I waited for my coil-overs to get here. He always was a great help in trying to figure out what was the issues I was having with my coilovers when I got them installed. Just hope the coil-overs perform well. First initial thought on them was, DAMM, the car's handling is alot better with the addition of the coil-over's and the arms. I will have a separate review for the suspension in a bit.

Jay@JGMods – Bought my M3 Rep bumper from him and side skirts. The fitment was great just some minor issues putting it on, but in the end worked out and shipped out extremely fast.

Alan@ModBargatins – Great customer service and willing to price match his products if we find a price lower elsewhere. He was there to help change my order on rims once I ordered and changed my mind last minute. Also refunded the difference once I found the wheels elsewhere cheaper.

Matt@Alufelgenwheels – A big thanks for Matt. When I received my rims, they were 3 one color and 1 another color. I ironically liked the one that was the color I did not order. We discussed last week about what I was doing with my car and also the color it was going to be. He suggested just waiting it out and getting the right color combo that he has coming in his next shipment in June. Waiting impatiently now to get the rims so I can put them on.

George @ Nu-Way Auto Body in Arlington, TX – Great customer service, awesome people that work there, and great work. I bug them for almost everything, they have installed all my body parts, hell even my downpipes because I wanted to get them installed that day and no one else could do it. The work his shop does is undeniably the best I have seen. I have been going to him for the last 8 years now, cannot vouch for him enough.

RioGrandeValley – Mr. Tomato himself, he got me into car detailing when he came the first time to detail my car at the house. He helped me get my swirls out of the car and since that day I have been addicted. Spent countless $$$ on getting detailing equipment and also detailing cars here and there.

Mark @ Redline in Arlington, TX – So I tried installing coil-overs with a buddy and realized real quick that was not going to happen. Mark took the car in, did it for a competitive price compared to some of the shops around here and also did extra work while he was down there to replace some of the other things for free. Those guys over there are great and know what they are doing. They have been in the Japanese car scene since 1998 (many records set with their cars) and now are entering German market.

Now a great big shout out to B, the guy that came to wrap the car at the house, He is great and for the price, cannot beat it. He has been wrapping cars for the last 10 years. He works for a very prominent car wrapping company in the DFW metroplex, some of the cars he has under his belt include a Bugatti, a few dozen Ferraris, and Lamborghini’s. He also wrapped my interior trim and roof on the G37. If you want him to wrap anything, PM me. I will hook you up with him and also the material

Now on to the car. To some they might like and to some they might hate it. I am open to criticism but at the end of the day, it’s my car!

M3 Replica Front Bumper
M3 Side skirts
BMW Performance Spoiler
Hamman Replica Roof Spoiler
Black kidney’s
5% tint all around (need it with Texas weather and ex-black car color)
Cyba Quad Tips
Orange – Red Vinyl Wrap with Matte Black Roof

Linea Corse LC7 in Satin Black
(On the Way) 19” SF-71 Alufelgen Wheels in Sports Gunmetal (8.5 and 9.5 with +35 all around)
--I know I will need spacers

Sonic Tuning Coil-over’s
Meyle Tension Strut and Bushing
Meyle Lower Control Arm

Black Metallic 3M Vinyl Wrap Wood Trim
BMW Seat Covers – Needed them for the lame tan interior

Future Mods Coming:
7” Intercooler
and in the future future a single turbo setup, possibly

This is the delivery day

This is Phase 1 - All Blacked Out

This is Phase 2 - Wrap and the rest of the goodies

When he started the wrap at roughly 9 AM

Half Way Done

Look at the detail, cut around the VIN number perfectly

Almost Done - It's getting real late

All Complete!!!

Ready to see the world, btw sorry for this set of pictures, car's abit dirty, it got wet in the Rain, and I cant wash it off yet so I had to just wipe it down with some quick detailer

Thanks for looking!!!

Here/ is the link to the flickr album with High Res images, someone want to make me a cool signature or bad ass wallpaper? I could have someone at work do it this week, but I am on vacation! lol

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