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Originally Posted by Grant@DetailAddict View Post
Sidelights as in side-markers?
The wedges on the fenders correct? (or as I recall you call them wings )

If so, they car connected to the REAR turn signal lines in coding and absolutely can be coded out. Backwards thought, I know, but its german engineering haha
No I don't think so.

In Europe, the non AE headlights have an orange indicator bulb that is off except when flashing on the outside. Then moving towards the middle of the car we have a dipped beam headlight and then a main beam headlight which also houses the 501 wedge sidelight bulb. There are no lights on the fenders.

This is part of the problem when trying to identify those lights because they are known by different names and confused with other lights.

Here is a picture of the left hand headlight as you look at the car showing the normal state of the dipped headlights on which also has the sidelight on. The clear indicator is not lit and the bulb in question is the small illuminated one on the right.