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Originally Posted by BMWE90FANATIC View Post
Did you have to also change the plug that was soaked in oil. I was curious and unplugged mine and long behold it was full of oil. I'm going to attempt this DIY. Do you have all the part numbers needed to complete this. Thank you.
WOW! That really sucks!
The part numbers I list is for an 07 328i e90, not sure what yours is but you can double check to verify.

Eccentric shaft sensor 11-37-7-524-879
Eccentric shaft sensor gasket/seal 11-12-7-559-699
Valve/cylinder cover gasket 11-12-7-582-245
Valvetronic motor gasket 11-12-7-552-280

Shop around for the best prices, as I said previously, in the link provided at the bottom of the original post is where I found it cheapest.

As for the plug, no I did not change it out, it crossed my mind but I haven't found one in quick searches. I cleaned it the best I could with MAF sensor cleaner (all I had on hand) and blew it out a little with a can of compressed air. If I cannot find a new plug, I will be cleaning it out with electronics cleaner once again when I get back under the covers to do some other things.