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Originally Posted by AceBMW View Post
i like everything about the car but the taillights, too darkish for me. love the way its changed though, nice job.
thanks, i know the tail lights are a little over done but i cant go back :/ jumped the gun on the paint stuff in the begining

Originally Posted by edirtaynine View Post
wrap job looks awesome. car looks clean.

and the stories/descriptions of the experiences with the vendors/members look like they handled everything great... but those same stories/descriptions make me think you are one of the worst types of customers to deal with in retail. lol
hah thanks, and I am not kidding i would hate me too as a customer. I work retail, well not really retail but with clients all day at work, and its like after getting questions about ever small thing, it turned me into that too lol. I always value Customer serivice over product, because in the end the product will always work out with great customer service.

Originally Posted by nafoo View Post
Damn, that turned out really well.
i know i was a little iffy before when the wrap came in but after on the car, came out real good, even when the hood was just done, i was contemplating it.

Originally Posted by 1SH View Post
What a Beaut! Love what you've done man!
thank you sir

Originally Posted by P1et View Post
Apart from the smoked rear lights it's perfect. Very nicely done.
as i said earlier, wish I could go back, but jumped the gun too early before and had them tinted with paint

Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Looks boss
thank you sir

Originally Posted by intensee92 View Post
looks totally diff than before.
i KNOW, i love it lol i kinda feel like its a new car, took delivery on memorial day lol, me and her are like