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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Just figured out how to power level to 60 in 4 hours, kinda lame method. I find the game more fun just trying to get to 60 than once you hit it, Inferno is well.....tedious.
I've got enough gear that I solo'd A1 inferno without any problems whatsoever. First champ/rare pack that I ran into in A2 just shit all over me.

My barb's got ~725 all resists (~70% DR), 50k hp, and like 8.6k armor (75% DR against same level mobs).

A4 Inferno champ/rare mobs can 2-3 shot my barb even with those stats.

Originally Posted by san~man View Post
Want to share that plz?
Ditto, wouldn't mind more classes at 60, heh.