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Auto Source Hawaii: Though I know of one person on here that works there, and I appreciate knowing him, the dealer sucks. More appropriately placed on the owner.

If you would like your payoffs to take over two months then by all means go to Auto Source. They will not care if you are going on a family vacation and having to iron it out from overseas. I know there are more of you out there that have experienced this and can speak up about their service. After all the BS and incorrect info their paperwork was also messed up. It was obvious they gave less than a $hit about all my time and emails and did not bother to even see the issue until I walked into their business when I got back. I was still shorted and just dropped the issue.

Good luck dealing with the BS if you decide to buy there. Even if you get a limited warranty be prepared to jump through hoops to get anything actually fixed. After my last purchase there I called and was told that the guy that sold me the car no longer wanted to talk to me after one of the angel eyes did not work the next day on my limited warranty. I ran through hoops for three weeks until it was finally handled. And who cares that I'm in the military and I need registration after a month to get on base anymore. They will not care about getting the title to the bank so I can get the registration.

Also be prepared for at least a 20% markup over what he paid for it.

I have one more shop for you later this week. It involves a body shop that sat on my car for two years. And then told me they wanted to increase the price on the work or I could just get it out of their way (with 5k worth of work to get it fixed from their half @ss start).