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Originally Posted by morphius909 View Post
You will get a lot of opinions on this one...but personally-->

- I would never buy a car, especially a BMW 335i with that much power, that has been probably shitbanged for 950kms...I actually wouldn't even consider it. But that is me. I like Fresh. My baby had like 12 kms on it when I picked it up. Some people use those KMS as negotiating tact so if it works out great. At 950kms they either drove it in from somewhere, or it's a DEMO vehicle so your warranty would go to 80,950 but confirm with BMW Canada (not the dealer!). Can they get you another SE from somewhere for the same price and less then 20kms? When I purchase a vehicle, and I have purchased many, my deal always stipulates the vehicle must have less then 16kms.
-Floor mats? BMW ones suck , get weathertech
-500 bucks for wheellocks???? Garbage. The Anti-theft is probably the etching.
-Whats a 500 dollar finance fee? NEVER heard of this
-Documentation-doesn't matter, if they say it's free they have just padded it in the price somewhere else.

At the end of the day, if you're happy then buy the vehicle. If you have doubts walk away and get something that won't make you second guess yourself everytime you see it, drive it, sit in it.
Youre really going to drive around all summer with rubber/plastic mats? 950 kms is nothing. Not enough to screw anything up. IF it did you will see problem sooner rather than later so warranty extension doesnt mean anything.