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Originally Posted by vF335i View Post
looks nice. one small note though, those rims are lc818s haha
haha you are absolutely correct! Dont know where my mind was! Thanks for the compliment though

Originally Posted by JLUCERO View Post
Wow.... Look's good.
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
Thank you!

Originally Posted by BIFCAIDS View Post
Ill be point blank, all black looked ridiculous. However liking the orange.
honestly the black on black on black on black lol looks horrible in pictures, but in person it looked a little better. I look at the pictures I almost but thanks on the compliment

Originally Posted by ACEE View Post
wow that looks good!!!!
thank you!

Originally Posted by Thenewbrilliant View Post
Nice color wrap!
Thank you!
Originally Posted by JJFESQ View Post
I love that color!

2 questions

how long does the wrap last?
how do you take care of it--can you go thru a car wash?
Thank you! and the wrap has an outdoor life of over 5 years but I will never keep the car in the sun the whole time, half the life of my car is in the garage. You just have to take care of it. You CAN go through car wash's but it will damage it (swirls and scratches), but I mean who goes through car wash's these days on our cars

Originally Posted by chrisE92 View Post
that looks AMAZING! pretty clever to wrap the bumper in segments like that. your guy did a great job!
i know i was amazed at that as well, he said he didnt wan to stretch to much because than it can easily come out. He said the vinyl has its limits. The cool thing is that you cannot see a single seem unless you get real close on the front bumper.

Originally Posted by TGIM View Post
Dude appreciate the effort and money spent no doubt and it does look good but that black you had on there looked sssssssssick! It's a BMW so yeah, bad ass man! I
thanks alot sir! i know the black on black did look good, i had the trim wrapped in matte black before, just never posted a picture.

Originally Posted by Signal513 View Post
badass man...! nice job
thank you!

Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Looks good I like the colour and you did a great job but you need a lip or something to set it off. Good work though
I want to get a hamman style lip for the M3 rep, cant find one yet.

Originally Posted by Cal1 Beem1n View Post
I say LCI taillights and it would clean as fack. Those smoke tails are gross.
LCI tail lights would look SICK! I want to do OSS before that though I think..

Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
Looks awesome!
Thank yoU!

Originally Posted by tanginaglaz View Post
WOW, that's a really good wrap job!
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Looks STUNNING. Great color choice; orange plus the blacked out tails looks so sick.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Schm View Post
I will disagree with others on the forum, I'm not big on the orange/red contrast, I really like the blacked out tails w/the orange wrap! Everything else looks great too!
thank you sir!

Originally Posted by me90kreuz View Post
looks good
Originally Posted by monkawekrue View Post
the only word that describes it best Thanks!

Originally Posted by Mafioso View Post
Looks great!!! Where did you pick up the front bumper/side skirts from?
JGMod's. Just have to mess with the front bumper to get it to fit well but its overall good fitment

Originally Posted by P3rsian Pr0digy View Post
Filthy don't like the blacked out taillights
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by blaQouT View Post
Get some OSS blackouts and black your sidemarkers, then youre set.
Thats on the list of things to do

Originally Posted by RandyN View Post
Looks really good!
Thank you sir!

Originally Posted by NYe60chrisIU View Post
damn... that looks sick. lci tails..
thats on the list, but i want to do OSS first. Thanks though!

Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
Actually if it is just spray tint. Use 600 grit sandpaper to remove it, eventually down to 2000 grit sandpaper. Then buff it out to a shine, better than new.

Agree with others, the tail lights look bad. Smoked tail lights went out of style in 1992.

Otherwise car looks great.
Thank you sir! It wotn damage the tails?

Originally Posted by findanemo View Post
Nice wrap, but remove the tint taillight will make it look better. Remove fog lamps too!
Thanks! I wanted to remove fog's and put the brake duct but i was just to frustrated that night when i put it on so I didnt even bother

Originally Posted by ibeclueless View Post
car looks awesome
Thanks sir!

Originally Posted by Tiago@VRSF View Post
Killin' it Mo! That color looks even better in the sunlight! Great job pulling everything together man, the car looks beautiful.
Yes that what I love about it, in the sun it looks better and than in the dark looks different. Its like i keep changing car's.