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Just got my rev3 installed. What a nightmare trying to get Windows 7 to work with the USB cable. After finding out the used laptop I bought either has a bad validation code, or something going on with the version of windows in it (I can't install an XP mode), I had to wipe the whole thing and install an old version of XP that I have.

Everything is working now but my logs on map1 didn't look so good. I'm not getting much if any timing. I've done about 6 WOT pulls in 3rd gear so I would thing autotuning should have done it's thing. I'm getting 8psi right away, then a pause for a second or so, then it climbs to 13.5psi (target boost).

I'm going to log some map0 to make sure everything runs well on the stock map, but I have a few questions:

Where in the user software can I adjust the min/max's of the graphs that are displayed? For example, if the important part of the pull is from 10 seconds to 29 seconds, how do I shorten that from the 1min+ of log displayed?