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Originally Posted by squeezebm View Post
My stealers sorting it out after speaking to the Service manager all FOC and courtesy car in 2 weeks

Please define 'sorting it out'

Is this just a hub swap with more of the same that will rust in another few weeks?

I still think it would be better for them to prep and paint the existing hubs with something that will prevent them rusting again.

Congrats on getting a result though. I haven't pressed my dealer beyond their first refusal but I'm willing to.

Reminds me of when I had popping clutch pedal issues on my old E46 Sport Coupe. They asked me to leave my car there on two separate occasions so they could check it out and both times they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I told them I wasn't imagining it and showed them a wad of complaints from the E46Fanatics forum about the same thing. After pushing them they told me they would book me in to coincide with a visit from their area manager so he could take it out. After driving it for ten minutes he said he could feel it and they offered to fit a complete new clutch and assembly with new uprated parts (hmmm, new and uprated eh? an admission by BMW that there was an issue maybe? funny they just had these lying around!)

So....maybe it's time to get tough on my stealer? Dealing with a different stealer this time though