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Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
Thanks for posting this. Did you say you documented the retrofit? A walkthrough would be sweet.
That would be much appreciated. Trying to retrofit my P90 now. Baking the headlights open was easy enough and for some reason I thought that was going to be the hardest part. Till I got my FX-R 3.0s (Theretrofitsource) from USPS.

Guess which one the Depo originally had

If it's not obvious already, this is not just going to easily fit.

What did you do to make it fit? I didn't read much on retrofitting yet, so maybe I am missing something obvious. I can probably get it to fit flat in if I shave some material off the projector housing and the reflecttive holder that the projector attaches to, depending on how thick the material is on the projector, because doesn't look like much to play with on the holder.. Unless there is a better way. Or did I get the wrong FX-R's?