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He has to push the last of the group buy people past the point where they cant file with paypal to get their money back.

If he wanted to start a company get a traditional loan or investors. The group buy build as you get paid thing doesnt work and puts a sour taste in peoples mouths. I literally will not buy a single thing from MMW for any car.

Incredibly unprofessional and unfair to people to keep promising things. If im not mistaken the group buy for headers began last November and it is now June!!!!! You guys honestly think youll get them? How do you even know if it will give you the gains promised? You dont because the guy making them didnt even build one and have it dynoed to give solid reason for people to buy.

I just cannot believe how many of you handed over money and are fine with how you have been treated.

As the thread title states. MMW fail.

Dont even get me started on the fact that he keeps saying oh check Facebook....You have an entire group of people on the forum here who own the very car youre making products for and you cant even keep them updated. How incredibly retarded is that?

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I could have sworn he put up a post stating that FedEx tracking numbers were emailed.

I guess he meant Eventual Express rather than Federal Express

Where is the dyno results of the HEADERS only? We all know the "supercharger" isn't going to be "released" for 10 months yet, so why not get the information people are looking for?

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