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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
Well if I havnt done it in a long time, I guess that counts. But figure I started drag racing in 1995.... But please, keep making excuses. I can tell you're one of those, "oh you had NOS or something else, that's why I lost" type of excuse making drag racers

I guess you all are dense, so I'll make it crystal clear. Ford is marketing the GT500 as a giant killing 200mph super car (same as the ZR1). But compared to the two most compared cars on the market right now (i.e. 911 turbo and GTR), it's turning slow times. Regardless of specs, that's what they're comparing it too. That's my point. I'm not hating on your beloved Mustangs....
This car is actually pretty damn close to those two cars and it is in a completely, different price bracket. Seriously price wise (not even including maintenance) GTR's are a different league and the Turbo is even a league beyond that. This car is SCARY fast. It actually scares me that any old schmuck w/ 60k will be able to buy one of these.
Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
The Mustang is comfortable? I rented a Mustang GT for 2 months, and after that I was clawing for a Escort on my next rental. Last GTR and 911 I rode in was pretty damn comfortable
So not only are you clueless, your a wimp?
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