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Mounting the FX-R wasn't too bad. Ended up cutting and grinding a good bit off the bezel with my dremel to get the FX-R to sit stable and aligned. I think I got it pretty damn close to how the original projectors lined up on the front.

Yeah, the original ones were about like that. I don't think I can shave any more off without going through in order to get it closer and like I said, this is how the originals sit anyway. Going all around, it's pretty even for gap...going by eye...didn't bother using feeler gauges. A head on picture, I doubt you'd notice it at all.

This is the hardware I used. I think it was 1/2" long 8-32nd screw post with 1" long screws. Had to shave some off the head of the screw post for it to fit in the angel eye groove. It holds it in there very well and didn't budge at all with my shacking the crap out of it, so pretty sure it'll hold up in driving conditions.

Going to blow everything out with air and clean it all down with alcohol and contact cleaner before assembly. Probably have it on my car before next week is over.