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2006 BMW 325i  [4.58]
Metric tool set
Mechanic pick set
Extended needle nose pliers (Needed for crank case vent hoses)
Male Torx socket set/torx set

I dont remember needing anything else. I have a couple of pics, but I stopped taking them after a while.

The hardest part I found was the crank case hoses. I broke both installing. The next hardest is to unhook the crank case plugs that hook into the back of the manifold near the firewall. You will also need to mark them so you dont get them backwards. Another issue I ran into was the

Part #14 is the power plug Im talking about for the vent hoses. Another issue I ran into was the #9 bracket that has a distro block clipped to it. You almost have to break the tabs to remove it.

You can see the plugs for the vent hoses in this pic

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