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Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
Great work. Thanks for keeping us all posted. What are you going to seal it with? Hopefully it is strong but easy to re-open if needed. When i take my halogens out, I might try to retrofit something in them for the heck of it.
Thanks. I think most people just heat up the housing and firmly press on the front clear shield back on or something like that. I am going to completely remove the old glue to make sure I have a nice even layer all around. Ordered some OCI butyl rubber glue from th retrofit source when I got my FX-Rs .

Originally Posted by demented328 View Post
Carefull with the chrome! Too much rubbing will rub it off! Also I cut the corner of the adjustment bracket because the bowl hit it. Circled red.

I screwed in a small bracket for support. Dont have a pic for that tho.
Yep, will be going in to work to cut on that bracket today. Might even hook the lights up to a power supply and play with sharpening the cutoff and coloring. Will probably adjust the lights aim on my car before putting the front back on to make sure there arn't any problems.