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Donno how many of you guys knew that it was the finale of tuf but yeah, it happened lol.

Lawrence got a lot better with his takedown defense. Stills see a lot of holes in it tho so he'll need to keep on improving in that department. His left hook is really good tho. Nice jab high kick combo. Cofer's cheeks went SNAP! Love hearing Dana under the announcer's voice and bumper graphics before the commercial break when he spoke to Lawrence. "Holy shit, that was beautiful. That was fucking great man."

Holloway vs Schirlling. The only thing I Could think of was Holloway could have fnished the match on so many occasions but he was too just so darn cautions...... sigh. Kid's young and got a bright future.

Olivera does it again. D'arch style grip choke. His standup is more crisp as well now.

Madness! Feel good story came true for Michael Chiesa Seriously thought he'd be in trouble with the standup as it was seen but as soon as he got back trip and great foot tangle, it was the beginning of the end.

Jake, kid you need to learn how to survive a full 3-5 rounds bro, you go no cardio >_> Kampmann seriously seems like he needs to get bloodied before he gets shit together haha.