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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Oh WOW. .3-.5 difference? You do know that depending on the condition, it will affect the outcome by .5 seconds or greater...

The big picture is that you are comparing a RWD with a AWD. Not just that, it is a DCT AWD. You have no idea how hard it is to outshift a automatic transmission on the drag strip. Plus, a automatic transmission will always shift faster and more accurate than manual. I mean, you wouldn't understand that because you have no clue of what is even goes on, on the drag strip.

Where the heck did you get 70k? The Mustang GT MSRP at 54k. Why are you bringing a fully loaded car price into this?
Half a second is huge. Again, if I'm shopping high horsepower sports cars, everything is on the table. Again, if you can't read go back and take English 101 again. I'm sick of one sided ignorant assholes on the internet that assume they're god's gift to car awareness. If you can't respect someone else's opinion, here's my response. Go f yourself

Again, keep making your excuses bro