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Originally Posted by Hotcoupe View Post
Devil & deep blue sea springs to mind JJ.

I'd only ever consider a BMW Mondial extended warranty,however, your last sentence is my stumbling block.
The same conditions apply to other warranty providers,none provide cover for any form of modifications to your car,regardless of what the mods are.

Take a car into BMW with any potential warranty problem these days,and the first thing they do is connect it up via the OBD,and send the files over to BMW AG for them to examine.
Any sign of remaps,boxes etc are visible, regardless of any attempt to remove tell tale signs of their previous existence.

Personally, I wouldn't want to get involved in a fight with BMW or Mondial over a denied warranty claim,I'd lose,as would others!

It wouldn't be so bad if it was a relatively small thing,but if it's engine,turbo,gearbox,drivetrain etc related (all things that could be attributable to a remap,box etc)it could be massively expensive to pay for yourself.

Apologies for being the harbinger of doom,but it's worth some head scratching before parting with your hard earned,is it not?
I totally share your concerns and the want to modify is putting me off the warranty a little, ironic seeing as an up rated FMIC and DPs actually aid the car, a remap perhaps not . My feeling was though, BMW UK actually aren't paying for it though, Mondial are so surely if the warranty claim sounds reasonable, BMW will just OK the work without sending a dump from the ECU to BMW HQ, afterall whats the point unless Mondial are insistent on it saaaay if theres a total engine wipeout.

I'm still unsure about how much BMW can tell, ok a remapped ECU may be obvious but one reflashed to stock or jb4 removed should be relatively normal looking right?