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Originally Posted by RazRokz.!
Originally Posted by shragon View Post
i have a '06 325i. it's a daily driver with 65k miles. my water pump failed last week. basically, my car over heated and i had to have it towed to my mechanic.

my mechanic took out the water pump and tested it with an external power source. the water pump would not start up.

after owning an e34, that was notorious for water pump issues like the e36 (same m50 motor), i was hoping bmw would've made a more reliable cooling system by now.

all i can say is that it really sucks being stranded on the road and waiting for a tow truck. and there was no warning the water pump was going to fail.
Old thread, I know but im trying to figure out whats going on with my car. I was driving and it overheated. But no cel. Did you get a cel when your pump went out?
I'm in the same boat I'm thinking water pump or thermostat.