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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post
I totally share your concerns and the want to modify is putting me off the warranty a little, ironic seeing as an up rated FMIC and DPs actually aid the car, a remap perhaps not . My feeling was though, BMW UK actually aren't paying for it though, Mondial are so surely if the warranty claim sounds reasonable, BMW will just OK the work without sending a dump from the ECU to BMW HQ, afterall whats the point unless Mondial are insistent on it saaaay if theres a total engine wipeout.

I'm still unsure about how much BMW can tell, ok a remapped ECU may be obvious but one reflashed to stock or jb4 removed should be relatively normal looking right?
I can only pass on the info the dealer told me,and that info was backed up by a well known and reputable mapper.

I think a lot depends on the particular dealer JJ,it probably shouldn't,as I'm told that the hookup to BMW AG is an across the board requirement these days for the dealer network where possible warranty claims come up,regardless of it being the new car warranty (3yr), AUC (- 1yr) or Mondial.

Originally Posted by DarkAnt335i View Post
Im only speaking from a BMW AUC warranty POV.

In the last 6 Weeks my car has had the turbo actuators changed, brake sensors replaced, rattling exhaust valve fixed, oxygen sensors replaced and engine management light fixed. Each time it has been in i have removed the JB4 and haven't had any issues with warranty claims.

It could be that; They haven't bothered to check to see if it has been remapped, they can't tell or they don't really care. Either way all problems have been sorted FOC.

On my last visit i spoke to the service manager about the fact that i will be getting Coilovers and ARB's. He said that the car will still be warrantied excluding all suspension components, which is fair enough as they are no longer BMW items.

Also, last year, a friend of mine had his V8 lump replaced FOC by BMW 1 month out of warranty. He had an evolve remap and akropovic exhaust system which was removed before the car went in.....

Like JamJay says, i think that if the engine needed replacing they would probably investigate further. But what they can really find out i'm not sure???
As above really,but your comments about coilovers,ARB's is correct,I've been told the same,but it's hardly surprising as you say.

Bizarrelly,my dealer changed a M3 wishbone under warranty that I had bought from them and had fitted to my car by an Indi!

I guess it comes down to the oft used adage:
'You may have to pay,if you play'.