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Originally Posted by cdgatti View Post
YES - defintiely post pics and your impressions of the PS!
Quick summary: the PS is a very nice upgrade. Highly recommended. This is the car that I always wanted. It has two personalities. It is a smooth chill-out cruiser at any speed but when you want to push her hard she ready to play. Just awesome! The entry and exit speeds are higher and the car feels more confident. If the entry speed is a bit higher you just take your foot off the throttle and the car settles without complaints. The skittishness is mostly gone unless the road is very bumpy and the speed is over 60 mph. However, it is more evident now that this car needs LSD. It loves to be pushed and LSD would improve handling even further. Also, I have Michelin PS2 ZP tires and they work flawlessly with PS. I may consider switching to Super Sports when I need replacement. The combo of PS a AA tune do wonders for E90 NA.