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Originally Posted by Motif View Post
I don't know this Pele guy nor if any of that is true but since it has FuckSilva written all over it, then i am forced to like it by default.
He goes back a while. He was fighting Vale Tudo in Brazil well before MMA started making the circles. He also comes out of Chute Boxe.

Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
I hope to see Wandy and CungLe come out on top. After this fight, Wandy vs Vitor needs to happen before this year is over.
I'll always cheer for Wand even though it's sometimes hard to watch him now. I keep longing for the day he learns to throw some straight punches (mixed in with his gorilla punch haymakers, of course). Vitor would've cleaned him up if they had fought, though. Franklin is a bit better of a match for him IMO.