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Ipod Playlists on E90

Hi all. Let me begin with an apology if my question has already been covered in another post.

I've purchased a BMW 318D (used) which came with a USB/AUX connection in the armrest; for Ipod integration. Selecting the USB option (in Audio) with my Ipod nano connected (I purchased a Y-cable from Amazon which has an Ipod connection on one end that plugs into my Ipod, and a USB+AUX on the other which goes into the respective USB and AUX ports under the armrest. The vehicle did not come with a cable - I've purchased it from a car dealer).

While I'm able to view and play songs on the Ipod, I'm unable to view any playlists saved on it. I've tried renaming playlists following the "BMW1 ..." format without any success. I'm really stumped! I'm able to select genres and play individual tracks this way, but I get "Empty List" displayed when I try and display playlists saved on my Ipod. The car is an 2008 registration (58REG), new shape and I'm using an Ipod Nano 8GB

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? I'd be most grateful

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