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Hey guys
Just thought I would comment on this post regarding premium quality fuels.

For a while now I have been informed before from my motorbike mechanics and others that Shell V-Power is not as clean as you would think.

Shell V-Power whilst it is a high octane fuel is it still a cheap quality fuel in comparison to other prem fuels on the market.

So I decided to ask a good mate of mine that is high up in some of the oil refineries located in Melbourne. He is an accredited tester and knows his shit. I asked him about the quality and difference in prem fuels.

He gave me a complete technical rundown of all brands of fuel and all types of fuel.
With out boring you. The conclusion is that Shell V-Power is a shit fuel for a Prem fuel.

Brands like caltex(7-11 and woolworths) and BP are the ones to get. They have the cleanest fuels available in Australia.

Originally Posted by xxx7 View Post
I prefer the premium fuel as well but I'm not sure why, with the Shell V-Power I've noticed that sometimes the car takes a few goes to start in the morning. However with BP ultimate the car start first time every time :
As xxx7 noted in a comparison between V-Power and BPU. Your not crazy, a dirty fuel would not be helping that situation. Hopefully it's nothing more severe than that.

Now I used V-Power for many years on my cars. I did notice a difference in the performance of the cars when I switched away from it. You can ask any motorbike mechanic and they all say the same thing. V-Power sucks.
And now that it's been confirmed by my mate il try to avoid using it at all costs.

My mates words. "Never fill up with V-Power if you have the option"

Just thought I'd share it around

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