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Originally Posted by Charleston335 View Post
Here is what the BMW manager has sent me:


I hope all is well. I see the conversation that you have had with Dan about the damage that was done to your BMW 135 CV. I understand that you are looking for some kind of compensation. I can offer you one of two things; 1. HAG Extended Service Agreement - This will take care of any concerns of repairs (suspension) later down the road.
2. BMW 101 experience - drive up the night before. Stay at a nice hotel. The next day you get to drive on the track in Spartanburg, tour the plant and museum and will close the day with some hot laps.

As you can see we are trying to keep you happy. Let me know what time you will stop by.
1 is stupid because you have no intent on keeping it, so this car will always be under warranty during the lease. And if they're implying that you may possibly be responsible for any suspension work (not covered by warranty) - that's just ridiculous and I'd definitely walk away.

2 is ok, but not really compensation, just some perk which you can do on your own for pretty cheap. You can do a track event with any local club for about $200/day with your own car.

Like I said, if it bothers you that much, just don't sign the docs and return the car (assuming this is an option - might have to check with a lawyer). I would think you'd be able to force them into taking smaller monthly payments. Assuming a lawyer says you have the right to renege on the lease based on this series of events, what incentive do they have to let you go? Presumably they'll have this same issue with someone else down the road so they should try to appease you in some way.

And if you don't truly care about this, I'd say to hook you up with option 3 - $xxx credit to BMW parts/service or have them install PPK1 for free.
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