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Thumbs down My Recent BMW Purchase... Long Story

Hi everyone I am looking for opinions to see if i'm over reacting on a recent purchase/service. Recently I bought myself an e92 from a local BMW dealer here in Nevada called Desert BMW of Henderson on 05/12/12 as a CPO with maintenance package. Upon purchasing the vehicle there were 2 issues that needed to be fixed, the first was the aux port in the arm rest was broken because the piece was cut out and pushed down, second an interior piece was popped out and needed to be fixed properly.

Since 05/12/12 was a Saturday service was closed so my salesman told me to call him next week to arrange an appointment. On Monday 05/14/12 I tried calling my salesman numerous amounts of times to schedule an appointment but he was never "available". Finally later that week I got ahold of him and he transferred me over to service to schedule an appointment. That pissed me off because if I knew I could call service first I would of but was instructed to call him specifically.

The appointment was made for 05/24/12 to fix the aux port and popped out interior piece. While scheduling the appointment I asked the associate to note on there that some things have shown up from owning the car for less then a week. The thing that went noticed and broken during the first 4 days of owning the vehicle were the windshield has a deep scratch in it that cannot be cleaned off, and the rear window sunshade magically stopped working after a couple days.

Today 06/05/12 I am still without my car as my salesman told me the first piece he ordered to fix the aux port wasn't the right one so he had to reorder it after I waited in anticipation for a week. He informed me the car would be ready late Monday 06/04/12, well on that Monday I received no call from him and it was getting around 4 P.M. It took me several long, patient attempts to even get ahold of him as he was always "with another client" or "out on a drive" even though when I was told he was "out on a drive" I got connected to service and he answered saying they got in the piece and would have my car ready mid afternoon Tuesday 06/05/12. I just received a call saying it is ready for pickup so I will be on my way now to get it.

The worst part to me is that the two issues I mentioned of the windshield and the rear window sunshade being scratched, and broken they will not touch. The windshield will be around $400 to get replaced, and the rear sun shade will cost upwards of $1000 to fix. What makes me mad the most was the windshield was like that when I bought it and the sunshade obviously wasn't working properly as it broke within the first few days of ownership yet they will not do anything. The salesman and serviceman say they can't do anything and I need to talk to the used car manager but it will be obvious he won't do anything either.

Am I over reacting or would you be pissed too if a car you just bought from a dealer took over 2 weeks in service and was told preexisting issues will cost you around $1400-2000 to fix? The salesman promised me a 2nd key as well but keeps telling me that the old owners are out of town....Sorry for the long write up just wanted other BMW owners opinions.
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