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Originally Posted by RazRokz.! View Post
Old thread, I know but im trying to figure out whats going on with my car. I was driving and it overheated. But no cel. Did you get a cel when your pump went out?
Originally Posted by monaco330 View Post
I'm in the same boat I'm thinking water pump or thermostat.
Use the hidden onboard menu to keep tabs on your temperature. No expensive wire tapping necessary.

Start with Key fob out
1) hold trip reset button
2) Insert key fob
3) add up the numbers shown
4) go to 19.X
5) Type the number you summed in step 3 using the trip reset button
6) go to 7.1 for water temperature

This is the method I use when i track my car to make sure I'm not beating it up too harshly.

Normal operating range is between 70 Celsius and about 110 Celsius