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Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
You think it would be possible to quad tip that kind of setup because i'm planning to do the exact same thing you did but with quad tip, unless you can recommend a better quad setup.
Depends if you want to go quads " la" 328i or " la" 335i.

If you want outer placed quads (this means actual 2 tips stay at the same place and you just add 2 extra tips on the other right side): Then I suggest just get an Eisenmann or Remus quad exhaust because they already offer them in that configuration. You'll just need to bolt-on the setup given the fact that your actual bumper will have to be cut from the right side to make way for the extra tips.

If you want inward placed quads like the M3, then you'll have to do the job I did with whatever exhaust you like, but with 2 tips at each side instead of one. This would mean you would have to change the bumper because your actual tips are too far out right.

I prefer the 335i style because it's simply more BMWlike and it doesn't seem modified. Also, since you have to change the bumper, you can get an M-tech with a diffuser that looks way way better IMO.

Hope this helps