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Great that it is a consideration! At least not like MB wiped out all their Manual transmissions except for the C230?

I really dislike the clutch by wire idea though. As someone else mentioned, it will be like the feeling lost in the electrical steering systems. What I enjoy about a manual is the mechanical feel to it, the car control potential ('potential' because of some drivers haha), and the FUN.

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Great to see hope for us purists. I simply enjoy manually shifting to much. It's a connection I feel is lost on an auto.
That statement seems contradictory to me. Clutch by wire, sensors up the wazoo, 'magnetorheologic or electrorheologic fluid', and who knows what else will only lead to a loss in connection and separation from a 'pure' manual transmission. If anything, it is the opposite of a purist approach to me.

(not directed at anyone in particular)
If you don't want a clutch, that's why they have automatic. If you want to just 'shift' get an SMG...or any auto with the little paddles.