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Originally Posted by Giannis View Post
So, the actual gear has no mechanical connection to the gears themselves, just like Porsche's 7sp. manual.
As far as I know, it's not been confirmed that Porsche's 7-speed manual transmission has no mechanical connection. There have been rumors, though.

Originally Posted by Giannis View Post
On a different page and completely understanding the idea of a fluid of some certain rheologic properties, my question is where would the limit be. Would a 5th to 2nd downshift be possible or for reasons of pure excitement, will the blocking of the (in this case) rear wheels due to an "improper" downshift, still be possible?
That's a matter of programming.

Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
It might not be an automatic, but it still not a true manual...
(can you dump the clutch?) ...
You can dump the clutch in option 1 (with clutch) as it's just a regular MT with the added security of protection against improper shifts while the drive-by-wire scenario doesn't have a clutch pedal.

Originally Posted by Neegra View Post
I really dislike the clutch by wire idea though.
There's no clutch by wire. The first option has a regular mechanical clutch while option 2 has no clutch pedal at all.

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