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Originally Posted by KASPA View Post
I appreciate your help but pointing fingers at me is a bit out of order. I originally wrote he sold the car and took off without her knowing. My mistake as she wanted to sell but obviously expected the money too.

When you hpi a car the finance details all show up. The cars in my sisters name so is not just an anybody. Like I also said the women is more then cooperative.
Just to clarify then,

You sister bought a car off someone she did not know. She did not even meet the person selling the car, it was a person on her behalf.

She trusted this person who was selling the car on behalf of someone else enough to hand over 9k cash without doing any simple checks.

Suddenly after a month you find out the car has finance on it.

In that month she went bankrupt and the boyfriend done a runner with the cash and did not bother to report it.

The woman has obviously not reported it stolen as the police would come around to your door. It is stolen though as the guy had no consent to take the money for the item.

It's part of a crime no matter how you view it.

That is a pretty far fetched set of circumstances.

As I also said you error was pretty glaring too.