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Just a comment along those lines, and it's not my intention to imply that the support bracket would have eliminated the possibility of this happening, but apparently the vibration is enough that if you don't get the "connection to the accordion OEM tubing" clamp on tight enough, (my bad) it will vibrate loose enough to come off. My clamp is somewhere on Interstate 20 in Georgia. And of course with no extra clamps on hand, I had the resort to plastic tie wraps to get me home yesterday, since I had no interest in driving 500 plus miles while looking at that CEL illuminated. Word to the wise, it's $15 and some change to replace that clamp with an OEM part from BMW, or $1.85 plus tax for a 3 - 5 inch diameter hose clamp from your neighborhood big box hardware store.
Exactly what happened on my car, one night I was driving at very low speed and my rpm was jumping up and down until I stopped the car and it stalled. The clamp has slipped away from the silicon hose and the intake was completely disconnected. I will definitely look for another T-clamp but if Mike can ship out those harness to secure the intake I think that would make a huge difference as well.
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