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Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post
You're not proving me wrong in any way with this unnecessary lengthy post. Everything I said was summed up the very beginning (in bold). Anything afterwards is how you'd go about doing what I already said.

So in that case, you have to ask yourself

1) If I could get monthly payments, would I keep the car?
2) Regardless of less monthly payments, I want nothing to do with this car...

I'm guessing it's going to be #1 because everyone has a price. Your monthly payment is = [ (Negotiated Price - $ Down - Residual Value) / # of months ] + Money Factor

You won't be able to change your money factor. The only thing you can change in that equation is your negotiated price, so try having them lower that on the basis of this car is worth LESS than the negotiated price. If the new (lower) monthly payments makes you happy, great sign the docs knowing that you don't plan to buy the car ANYway so you could care less about the post-warranty value of this car. Pay less each month, and then think about your next car.

If it bothers you so much this car has been involved in an accident and no (lesser) monthly payment would keep you satisfied, just WALK away. Don't sign the docs and tell them you want to return the lease.
Kind of skimmed this back and forth - but just so no one leaves misinformed, you can most certainly buy and sell a leased vehicle at a price that is negotiable (but likely close to the buy out, eg sale price amortized for payments). I've unwound 2 BMW leases that way - most recently a 2011 X3. Good luck!