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MS-8 still sucking arse after MANY attempts

I am totally frustrated with the state of my MS-8 install. Midbass missing. Fronts & center sound cupped, like I put a plastic cup without a bottom on each driver. Sub bloated & one-notey. Mid woofs sound over-driven, even at modestly high volume. Get power on and off pops sporadically. Just terrible and no I am not exaggerating.
-Focal fronts & coax center
-Kicker midwoofs under seats
-Custom 10" sub
-Rear & side wired in series together
-JL 4-CH amp driving sub & midwoofs (crossovers out)
-LOC feeding turn on to MS-8 which feeds amp turn on
-2007 335i E90 L7 iDrive

What I have tried in my 50 or so calibration attempts over several months:
-Fronts set-up as 2-way with midwoofs. Crossover points from 150-200Hz. Slopes of 12-24dB. (ranges mean many points in between tried also)
-Center and side/rear crossover of 150-200Hz and 12-24dB
-Sub crossover of 50-120Hz, crossover of 12-24dB
-Sub unhooked, in back seat, and in trunk for calibration
-Amp gains from zero to mid point during calibration
-Calibration level from -45 to -20

I installed the drivers first- sound was pretty damn nice at that point. Can't even get the SQ to near that level since the MS-8 was added. And I am an old hand at audio and calibration - I was even professionally trained at it!!!!

I have spent hours on the DIYMA thread and here and tried all sorts of suggestions (from Andy W, Technic, VP Elec, Kaigoss, etc)- the fundamental problems with the MS-8 are never overcome. How can it possibly be this terrible? Are other folks having a case of the emperor's clothes as to the MS-8s effectiveness? Isn't the core feature of the MS-8 AUTO calibration????? If you have to come and hack it into something resembling smooth FR with the EQ post calibration isn't that a statement on how pathetic this product is?

If anyone is in the Denver/Boulder area I'd love to hear an E90 L7 install that is supposedly at least good 'cause I'm really frickin skeptical at this point. Pulled out a lovely Zapco install (no issues) in favor of this and really regretting it.

Thanks for any ideas, 'cause I'm out other than yank it and dump it on fleabay.