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Originally Posted by ss134 View Post
cars suspension, chassis set up, tyres etc are just as important as how many wheels are being driven on the car.

In the last series of Top Gear when they compared the RS5 and M3 on a wet track the M3 was the faster car - despite the RS5 having quattro, a host of 4WD trickery and more power - this should be impossible according to your theory.
I dont remember claiming that all AWD cars are faster than any RWD cars in the wet. Of course the suspension, tyres, chassis setup, downforce and weight will have as much of a bearing on grip as the driven wheels... I own a landrover and it cant corner for toffee!

An M3 is faster round a track than my 335i due to its suspension, chassis etc but most importantly its limited slip differential. Allowing power to be transfered to the most appropriate wheel to generate maximum "mechanical grip". A clever AWD system will do the same front to rear and side to side to ensure maximum overall grip is maintained. It even brakes individual wheels to maintain this.

All I'm saying is that Mechanical grip is a component of overall grip. All things being equal with suspension, chassis, weight and tyres etc an AWD will have more overall grip and hence corner faster.
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