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Originally Posted by Tiago View Post
I never heard of a gearbox failure in our cars due to power increase. My car has the ZF 6HP26 (600nm limit) and put down in the last dyno 404hp and 833nm on a MAHA LPS3000 considered by the experts as the most accurate dyno. After that, the IC piping was improved (complete 60mm stainless steel piping with EGR and butterfly housing bypass) followed with a little ecu tweaking.

The gearbox is just a bit sluggish on upshifting at wot because it revs pretty quick and hits the redline a lot stronger than stock, but at manual/sequential shifting it is normal.

The gearbox has over 100k miles with the torque above the manufacturer limit and never had a problem but the oil and filter is religious changed every 30k miles.

It is insane the potencial of these engines. My turbos is still stock and i can keep up already with very fast cars like a stock Porsche 996 turbo. I'm curious to see your results with the WMI.
but why tiago put 833nm on a ridicoloous 600nm gearbox?
what you need, if when you are @ full throotle you run between 4000 and 5000rpm you have "only" 700nm of maximium torque?
833nm @ medium rpm destroy gearbox ONLY..
another 535d car with 404hp , and 700nm, run fast how your car, because @ full throttle aumatic gearbox change gear @ 5000rpm, and the rpm drop down to 4000, and ri-up to 5000.
in this range , it need torque!!! not before...before destroy che gearbox..
limit your torque @ run faster , how now, but you give a new life for your gearbox!