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It's an add on for the G4 and native on the G5. There is a default curve programmed mapped on boost, RPM, IAT, and gear. To throw out data points at say 15psi 5500rpm its around 3.5 degrees in 3rd, 4degrees in 4th, and 4.75 degrees in 5th. Normally users just run the default mapping with it but it's also user adjustable.

BMS has always been clear that the benefits with CPS are minimal on pump gas and nonexistent with meth but many come from other platforms like Subus where it's absolutely necessary. The concept of a truly superb adaptive ignition system and what BMW has done with it are foreign to them. So it's easier to just let those customers run the CPS module so they can feel warm and fuzzy. Normally it's only suggested for those with large turbos or nitrous, those running exceptionally poor fuel quality, or those who want to run a boost profile that dramatically differs in shape from the OEM profile.

This G5 sounds like a good route to go. As much as it may make people feel warm and fuzzy there are other benefits; It should improve all around drivability and consistency. Is this G5 still in beta? I dont see it available on ?

I think the BMS tuning line up would greatly benefit from this tuned ignition not just from a mechanical standpoint but from marketing and tuning stand point. People want to know all the bases are covered in a tune, I think they are long over due but glad to see there is improvements being made. The CPS add on is great but I would venture to say the majority wouldnt understand or see the benefit, however, if they knew correct tuning theory and practices they would think twice about it.

You will have to excuse my stretches for excellent tuning but you have to understand I come from a background where I understand engine tuning and therefore seek the best and ideal way. Thanks for clearing that up.